Who is Karl Kannabis?

I'm a guy who loves plants. I always have. Some of my earliest memories include watering the rose bushes so I could watch the water bead up and absorb into the soil. My favorite activities in grade school were planting bulbs in milk cartons for mothers day and the annual field trip to the local farm.

In middle school, I was excited for my first science fair. The teacher handed out a list of 100 suggested topics; I chose to do my own experiment: plant flower seeds and feed with either water, coffee or coca cola. Years later, I found myself in a greenhouse at UC Davis doing fundamentally the same experiment, growing lettuce under different nutrient concentrations.

That same curiosity of figuring out how to make plants grow their best drives me to this day.

These days, you can find me working with a great team at AEssenseGrows, developing a tool to figure out what plants like best by using technology to control and analyze every aspect of the cultivation environment. 


2011- Greenwell - Vallejo, CA 

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2019 - AEssenseGrows - Sunnyvale, CA 


2011 - 2014

University of California, Davis

Bachelors of Science, Plant Biology


Oaksterdamn University

Basic Horticulture Semester

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